Journal Day: #8

As someone who always needs more motivation to make time for writing, I’m so thankful that Danielle of Sometimes Sweet, has started the Journal Days project. So what is Journal Days? Well, every Sunday Danielle is sharing a prompt and on Thursday will be publishing her reply. Everyone participating is asked to comment on the post with a few lines from their response and a link to their post. I think one of the coolest things about blogging is the community surrounding it – so this is really a win, win for me! Feel free to join along, too! It’s never too late to start. Anyway, enough rambling. On to this week’s prompt…

Would you consider yourself a religious person? Quite simply- what do you believe happens when you die? Have you always believed this? Do your current beliefs align with what you were taught as a child? And if not, what was the turning point? This week, talk about your religion or spiritual beliefs (or perhaps your lack of), and try to sum up, if you can, what you believe happens “next.”

Pink skies are my favorite.

Honestly, religion has never been a big part of my life. My mom was Jewish and my dad was Catholic, and they agreed to raise me and my brother with exposure to both but no pressure to practice either. So what that meant was we celebrated Christmas and Hannukah;  sometimes I went to temple with my grandma, other times I gave something up for Lent with my other grandma. Honestly, this never really bothered me and as a kid I just sort of coasted along not thinking about if I believed in God or what happened after we died – most kids don’t think about that stuff, right? But then my mom got sick with cancer and I started to question what exactly this meant and ask if there WAS a God, how could he allow my mom to be sick and dying?! But my mom never doubted. I honestly think her faith got stronger as she got sick. She wasn’t devout to her Jewish faith by any means, but she definitely believed in a higher power and always said “The 10 commandments are just a good way to live your life!” She also was positive that there was a heaven and she would be able to watch me and my brother grow up. She even said that she would close her eyes when we needed our privacy. Haha.

Once my mom was gone, I didn’t really think about religion or God anymore. I started to care more about Jewish holidays because it was a connection to my mom in some way. But I was 16, so honestly, religion was the last thing on my mind. I went on til I was 20 pretty much feeling the same way. I always labeled myself agnostic, but kind of assumed I believed in some sort of God. Because that’s normal right?

Then in the summer of 2010 I became a nomad for LiNK and I finally felt like I found a group of people who understood my passions. I was surrounded by other people who wanted to dedicate their lives to helping others. And want to know what a lot of them had in common? A lot of them were Christians. So once I was done at LiNK (at least for the summer – we all know I ended up back at LiNK less than a year later), I found myself back home wondering if maybe I should start going to church and pursue faith in some way. Luckily, my best friend Brianna is a Christian and was willing to talk to me and help me figure stuff out. And my other best friends, Ally and Bailley aren’t so they were there to talk to me about what it means to not really have faith and be okay with it. Basically, after lots of talking and wondering – I decided to go to church. And at first, I loved it! I was surrounded by rad people and it felt like built in friends. But as time went on I realized I was there for the wrong reasons. I didn’t believe in the words I was hearing and I didn’t feel anything when I sang along with the praise band. I loved being around awesome people and I agreed with a lot of Christian values but it wasn’t for me. (Want to know something funny? I bought a Bible during this time and hid it in my room because I felt so weird about it and because I had been so agnostic for so long. Looking back now I realize how ridiculous that is but at 20 you’re worried about being judged, ya know?)

Flash forward to now? Well, I know even less than I knew before. I guess I would label myself agnostic once again and I think I’m okay with that. I look around at my friends who are so sure of their faith and I get jealous – I would love to feel that. Especially when it comes to an afterlife. I would LOVE to believe my mom is able to watch my life and that I’ll be able to see her one day. But I can’t fake it. I think I’m someone who needs a bit more proof or for whatever reason, just can’t get on board with the idea of a God. Like I definitely don’t believe Jesus was the son of God, I don’t believe in the Virgin Mary, or really anything like that but I do think the bible has some good stories in it to help us learn how to live our lives (though I’ve never read the whole thing). I’m more unsure about my ideas surrounding a higher power in general… Like maybe I believe in some sort of God. Or maybe I believe in some sort of way we all stay connected even after death. Or maybe I just believe in the universe.

Speaking of afterlife, lately I’ve been playing around with the idea that when we die, and our bodies breakdown, we end up back in the Earth somehow. Maybe mom is part of a tree I pass every day, or in the clouds, or in a flower or maybe even in the person I meet on the bus. I have no idea. That probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of people but lately, it’s made me happy to think about so we’ll see where it goes from there.

Pretty much the only thing I 100% know I believe is that the most important thing we can do while we’re on this planet is love each other. I believe it’s our job as humans to care for one another – even strangers, even the “bad” ones, even people you will never know. I think all we can do while we’re here is be good to each other because who the hell knows what happens next. So whether you’re Christian, or Muslim, or Athiest, or Jewish, or whatever, I hope you use your faith to love others.


25 before 25: Travel out of the state, somewhere other than FL


One negative about moving out of state is that most of your “vacations” are spent going back to your home state. Obviously, I love visiting Florida and I would never give up time with my family and friends to go on other trips BUT it is really exciting when I get to go on a vacation to a state other than Florida, especially when it’s somewhere I’ve never been before.

Two weeks ago Keith and I went to Seattle. We were so lucky, his dad and his dad’s wife bought us flights up to join them for Comic Con! First off, Keith and I had never traveled together. And secondly, I’d always wanted to go to Seattle but never had the chance. Plus I got to meet the other half of his family and he got to see them for the first time in like four years. Can you say win, win, win, win?

OH WAIT – how did I forget the biggest win? I won over $400 within a few hours of landing! How rad, right? Seriously, if you know me you know that I’m sort of an insane planner and even on vacation, I’m super conscious of money so winning that money meant being able to totally relax and spend without stress. Also buying dinner for everyone one night! I seriously LOVE being able to treat others.

Okay, so I’m already all over the place and I could go on about this trip forever so instead I’m gonna choose 5 things to talk about:

1) Families are so different. Growing up you only really have any info about how your own family works. So anything different from that is automatically bad but as you grow up you start to realize that it’s kind of awesome how different everyone is though it definitely causes some serious problems. (Especially when families start to merge, huh?) But this trip I got to meet Keith’s dad and his wife, his siblings, a couple aunts and uncles, a few cousins, and his grandparents. And even though this isn’t the family Keith grew up with, it was awesome to see how much is has in common with them and to just be accepted in as a part of this new family.

2) I should totally live in Seattle. No, seriously. I loved it so much. The weather was gorgeous, even when it was drizzling. The sights are amazing. The people seemed rad. Honestly, the whole weekend I walked around begging Keith to move to Seattle with me. Obviously this isn’t realistic, we both have jobs that keep us in LA and neither of us want that to change anytime soon. But it was fun to walk around day dreaming about packing up and moving to a new place. Honestly, part of the reason I want to move is because I could wear boots and scarves like every day, and most people walk around wearing all black. If that’s not a place I belong, then I don’t know what is! And their buses come like every 15  minutes and its SO easy to navigate their public transportation. UGH. Seriously. I need to live in Seattle.

3) Food is always one of the best parts of any trip. I know some people aren’t foodies but honestly, I don’t understand those people. One of my favorite things to do in a new city is try all the food the locals love! My favorites this trip were: Piroshki Piroshki (Russian buns – so warm and comforting), Beecher’s (free fresh cheese curds – yum), and Molly Moon’s (Thai tea and Stumptown coffee ice cream – are you serious?!). Keith and I also took a 4 hour sandwich adventure, which leads in to my next point very well…

4) Traveling together shows you a lot about your relationship. I’m a planner, and Keith is quite the opposite. And obviously we already knew that about each other and have been dating for quite a while and live together, but I was kinda worried traveling would bring out the bad sides. I would be lying if I said it was 100% perfect… Of course we had a couple moments of frustration. For example, I wanted to get on the plane as soon as boarding began, but Keith wanted to hang out in the terminal til it was closer to take off. Overall, though, we were great! We worked together, navigated the city via bus, walked up some serious hills, and overall had so much fun together. There were moments I would look over and it would hit me all at once how lucky I am to have him in my life and as my forever travel-buddy. Honestly, any man willing to go on a 4-hour adventure for a sandwich is the man for me!

5) Comic Con is fascinating. Totally not my world, but really interesting! If you ever want to people watch – that’s the place to go! It was cool to be surrounded by people who all love the same thing. It made me wish I was a huge fanatic about something because it’s so cool to see how much people LOVE their comics. I really enjoyed going to panels, too. Even though I didn’t really know what most of them were talking about, and a lot of the jokes went over my head, I really just enjoyed listening to people who are the experts in their field.

But of course, as happy as I was to visit Seattle and have the chance to travel, I was equally as happy to come back home! Isn’t that what makes traveling even better? Having a home that you’re so excited to get back to.

Who knew gum could be art?
Pike Place was my favorite.
People go all out at Comic Con!
Beecher’s Mac & Cheese!!!!!!
Exploring a city on public transportation is the best.

Journal Day: #6

As someone who always needs more motivation to make time for writing, I’m so thankful that Danielle of Sometimes Sweet, has started the Journal Days project. So what is Journal Days? Well, every Sunday Danielle is sharing a prompt and on Thursday will be publishing her reply. Everyone participating is asked to comment on the post with a few lines from their response and a link to their post. I think one of the coolest things about blogging is the community surrounding it – so this is really a win, win for me! Feel free to join along, too! It’s never too late to start. Anyway, enough rambling. On to this week’s prompt…

Everyone has different things that keep them going. Sometimes it’s the people around us, other times it might be what’s waiting for us on the other side of hard work. Whatever it may be, there’s usually some sort of motivation to get up every day, get things done, or maybe even go the extra mile. With that said, what would you say is your biggest motivation in life? Has it always been this way?

(Dad and brother on their trip to California last summer.)

Some days my number one motivator for waking up is knowing I get to take a nap later in the day. Other days it’s the sweet relief of the post-wake up bathroom break (does anyone not go first thing in the morning?!). And on a lot of days it’s a yummy meal I know is waiting for me at dinner.

But thinking bigger picture – what is my motivator? What makes me wake up and make the decisions I do every day? What drives me to be the person I am? For some I think it’s their faith, for others music or maybe a significant other. Well, for me, I think it’s been the same thing since I was born and that is… Loving people.

No, I’m not saying I’m perfect at this and there are definitely times where it doesn’t seem like I’m loving anyone and barely even liking anyone.

But the truth is, I’m happiest when I’m helping others. This manifests in different ways. It might mean picking up coffee for friends at work, or working at an organization to help support the North Korean people. Sometimes it means being a real pest and reminding my boyfriend a million times to do something, or setting up a babysitting schedule for a friend whose husband is out of town.

I think this has always been my big thing. Even as a kid, I wanted to do whatever I could to make other people happy and I just wanted to love people a bunch.

My mom and dad are both people who love non-stop and I am so so thankful they passed that on to me. At my mom’s memorial service, the room was PACKED with people, some of whom we would never, ever have expected to see there but ya know what? She impacted people she knew, even if she didn’t realize it, and that is because she loved all the way. I don’t think you could have known my mom and not just felt loved by here. Plus, she gave awesome hugs. My dad? He shows his love with gifts and acts of service hands down. I don’t know anyone who knows my dad who hasn’t felt loved by him. Who hasn’t been overwhelmed with his constant generosity and willingness to do whatever it takes. I’m so lucky to have been raised by such amazing people who taught me what it meant to love unconditionally. And whats so cool is that now I get to see these characteristics shine through in my brother, too, and I sure hope some people see them in me!

Loving people isn’t a chore – it’s an honor. And sometimes loving them is hard. Like really hard. Like so hard you want to give up and crawl under a rock. Sometimes it means bringing up the stuff that would be easier to ignore (sorry friends, I know it’s annoying when I do this one), or being there for someone who is having a hard time when you feel like you can’t handle any more on your plate. But that’s all part of it and I really do think that loving others brings goodness back into your life. I don’t even think I believe in a God or karma or whatever, but ya wanna know how it brings goodness to you? It makes your heart feel good and your smile extra bright.

When my mom died, I think I could have easily changed. I could have let the world harden me, I could have chosen to stop loving because loss sucks. Sometimes loving people backfires. And because I love hard, I often get let down even harder. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that you can love someone and not expect anything in return. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be picky about who you let in your bubble, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love them anyway. I use the word friend sparingly – it takes a LOT for me to call someone my friend. But it doesn’t take a lot for people to love someone. I love everyone I meet and people I’ve never met. (Now, remember, this does NOT mean I like everyone I meet. I am no freakin’ Mother Theresa.)

Maybe I’m just in a really good, and maybe some of you who know me on more sarcastic, angry days are confused as to where this is coming from.

But this is me and my engine runs on love love love.

(Me and my mom on a family vacation, not in ’94. That time stamp is wrong.)


I seriously love birthdays and this year’s goes down as one of the best I’ve ever had.

First off – the most exciting thing that happened this birthday is that I officially raised the $2500 it costs to rescue a North Korean refugee. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, since ya know, I work at LiNK but had never actually raised enough money to fund a rescue on my own. There are literally not enough words to describe how thankful I am to each and every person who helped make this happen. It’s easy to feel alone in your passions sometimes so it was extra cool to see people from all aspects of my life come together to help me reach my goal. And the best part? I reached $2500 bout a week before my birthday! Talk about starting off on the right foot…

The first of many celebrations was on Monday when my interns planned a birthday dinner for me. Being a boss is tough sometimes, and can be really awkward but I have to say I am lucky to have some of the most amazing interns this semester. I mean seriously – whose interns plan a birthday dinner for them on the beach?! It was so special that they made time for it. It was a great dinner with a beautiful view and awesome people.


So, my real birthday was Wednesday. I had to work but when you work with amazing people who leave chai on your desk, it’s really not that bad. That night I planned a birthday dinner with some of my favorite ladies who live in Long Beach. We went to La Creperie, which none of us had ever been to and Oh. My. God. The food was amazing. I shared a seafood crepe and a carbonara crepe — both of which I loved! We also shared 3 dessert crepes. Birthdays are for excess right? It was so nice to spend an evening filled with delicious food and even better company. I love having both guy and girl friends, but there seriously is something to said for a night spent with just ladies.


Keith had to work that night so I didn’t see him til pretty late but he made up for it by baking me a cake and singing to me before midnight! I know birthday cake seems like a weird thing to get caught up on but they have always been really important to me and my family. My mom would always joke that she got cancer because she didn’t have cake on her 40th birthday… I guess that’s not a funny joke, but it became a requirement in our home. Anyone we love has to have cake on their birthday, and it doesn’t count unless there are candles and singing involved! Birthdays weren’t a huge deal in Keith’s family so it meant even more that he did this for me!


Friday I got to have another birthday celebration night. It started with a quick shopping trip! My best friend Brianna heard I didn’t have a birthday outfit and decided that would not do so she transferred money into my account and demanded I go shop for myself! It worked out well because then I came home, slipped into a new dress, and went out with Keith to celebrate! We got the biggest burritos and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I didn’t love the movie. I definitely like Wes Anderson and it was of course a beautiful film, but I just didn’t care about the characters. Also Keith gave me a charm bracelet! I know, charm bracelets are kind of gaudy and a little bit dorky but I’ve been wanting one for years so I was over the moon happy. Usually it’s pretty tough to surprise me, but I didn’t see this coming for a minute. Seriously – how did I get so lucky?!

Saturday was my official birthday party and it was a great way to wrap up an amazing week! I had some friends over for drinking and games before we all walked across the street to a bar called The Pike. DJ Oldboy was spinning, as he does every 4th Saturday, and I was so ready to dance. A few shots of Fireball and a couple whiskey sours later, and I was so ready to dance. It was a really fun night. I mean – how can you go wrong with good music, good friends, good booze, and a good new outfit! Add in some weirdo creeps providing endless entertainment and that makes a perfect night! No seriously, we encountered some of the weirdest weirdos (they always seem to find me) but if I wrote the stories out here I don’t think it would even make sense! Just know I was full of sass and red lipstick – so nothing stood in my way.


1979537_10201639277119410_536057431_n(When it comes to dancing, confidence > skill.)

2014 was off to a pretty rough start so I decided this year my birthday could kind of serve as another “new year” and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. Even though I obviously miss my friends and family in Florida, this birthday was the first time California really felt like home. I was surrounded by love and people who really know how to celebrate me. Does that make sense? I didn’t feel like I had to pressure people to come to my party or worry that my birthday would go forgotten. 24, you’re already awesome! Here’s to the next 361 days!

PS: I officially got “old people” gifts this birthday and I LOVED IT. I mean, is 24 the year you’re officially old? Because I got stoneware and a massage and ya know what? I couldn’t be happier about it.

Journal Day: #5

As someone who always needs more motivation to make time for writing, I’m so thankful that Danielle of Sometimes Sweet, has started the Journal Days project. So what is Journal Days? Well, every Sunday Danielle is sharing a prompt and on Thursday will be publishing her reply. Everyone participating is asked to comment on the post with a few lines from their response and a link to their post. I think one of the coolest things about blogging is the community surrounding it – so this is really a win, win for me! Feel free to join along, too! It’s never too late to start. Anyway, enough rambling. On to this week’s prompt…

We all encounter challenges on a daily basis. You may consider yours something small, like having enough time in the day to accomplish everything you set out to do, or it may be a bit bigger- perhaps something you have to overcome mentally or emotionally, or even a struggle when dealing with a difficult person. Whatever the case, take a look at your daily life- what would you say is your biggest challenge? Or if you have a past struggle you were able to overcome, how did you do it? This week, write about a challenge you currently deal with on a day to day basis, or discuss one you managed to get past.

(Christmas break made it easier to make time for free yoga on the bluff.)

As I thought about this prompt I kept listing out small challenges: Going to the gym regularly, making time to write, spending time reading, being better about calling home, delving into baking, committing to volunteering, etc. And what did all of these things have in common? They are all things that make me happy. And they are also all things that I can’t seem to make time to do on a regular basis.

I know. There’s an easy way to fix this. Stop being lazy and make time for this. But, as I’m sure many of you can relate to, that is easier said than done.

Let me tell you the list of daily priorities: being good at my job, being available for the nomads and staff I manage at all times, keeping my house semi-clean, doing real life grown up stuff, hanging out with Keith, and sleeping. And while that might not seem like anything too crazy, it’s plenty to keep your days full and make those “just for fun” things slide off the radar.

Most people work a 9-5, I do too. I’m not complaining about that at all. I love my job more than I think most people will ever love their job and for that I consider myself so so lucky. But the fact is, no matter how much you love your job, it’s still just one part of your life and there are a lot of other things you’re interested in and passionate about. Yet, those things fall by the wayside because work is the most important. And when I get home I. Am. Tired.

Don’t worry about playing the tiny violin for me yet, though. I know that I could make more time for myself and for the things that make me happy – but the fact is, I just don’t. Why is that?! How can I have a list of things that make me happy and them completely ignore them on a regular basis? I feel crazy for knowing what brings me joy but continuing to ignore it. I can’t be alone in this. Please say I’m not alone in this.

When I tried to figure out what I do this I came up with a few reasons:

First thing that came to mind – this girl is tired. Having a job you’re so passionate about it amazing but it also means you are invested more than you might be in a typical job. I don’t leave work at the office and I don’t ignore emails or calls that happen to come in after 5pm. Also, I don’t have the kind of job where I go in, do my work, and leave. It takes a lot of problem solving, thinking quick, interpersonal communication, and wearing a ton of different hats. So the truth is when I get home I want to relax. I want to sit on my couch, snuggle with my pup, and watch TV.

The next big reason is that I don’t really consider making time for this stuff a priority. I manage to make time for all of my big girl responsibilities. I always pay bills on time, I clean my apartment, I make any necessary appointments, you get the idea. But I don’t consider doing stuff that is good for my soul a priority. I don’t know why. Logically I know I need to do this just as much as I need to do any of those other grown up tasks. For some reason, though, I just don’t put it to practice in my life. If we’re being honest, guys, a lot of times I need other people in my life to remind me to have fun. Thank goodness I’m dating one of the most laid back people I’ve ever met because he forces me to chill out sometimes.

And probably the #1 reason I don’t do any of those things regularly: I just get lazy. It’s easier to watch TV or go to bed or surf the web than it is to do literally any of those things I mentioned. But guess what?! Those things are also not as fulfilling. Those things don’t make you fall asleep knowing you made the most of your day. Those things are fine sometimes, but they have to be the exception, not the rule. You have to be intentional in your life and you have to fight for your time. You have to do it with relationships, at work, and for yourself. Time is a limited resource so you gotta be smart how ya use it!

(One weekend I finally made time to bake homemade bread and cook up some pumpkin butter.)

I’ve already started to make my blog a priority (and thank you guys for reading and commenting, it really does keep me motivated) and I surely plan on making other changes in my life to find time for joy. To slow down, ignore the laundry that needs to get done, and go to the gym or Skype with my dad, or play around in the kitchen, or who knows – maybe discover a new hobby! Someone once told me that if you don’t protect your time, someone else will come in a take it. So guess what I have to do? Guard my mothafuckin’ time.

Friends – I could use your help. How do you find time to do the stuff that makes you happy when life is always just a big crazy mess and it seems like there is never a chance?

Sometimes You Can’t Plan It

Friday marked exactly two years since Keith and I met. Most of you probably don’t know, but the first time we met was in his best friend’s car. Why was I in that car? Well, I was on a date with his bestie and we were all driving up to Rancho Cucamonga for a comedy show they were both on. At the time, Keith had another girlfriend. We actually picked him up from their apartment. I remember sitting in the passenger seat so intimated by the fact that it was not only my second date with this guy, but I also had to meet his friends. That means multiple people passing judgement on whether or not your cool. The car ride up the guys did a lot of the talking and I timidly chimed in when I had something to say. Then, at the show, I sat and watched. Keith sat next to me and asked if I was a comic. I said nope. That was our only interaction. On the drive back he got a call from his then girlfriend about their cat dying. Yeah, I don’t know. It was weird. (The cat is totally still alive, by the way.)

Shortly after, Keith’s friend and I stopped seeing each other and I went on with my life. Then July came around and I was contemplating deleting my OKCupid profile. After a year of dating, I was done. But before I got around to deleting it, I received a message from a familiar face. It was Keith. He hadn’t recognized me (we’ll pretend that didn’t sting a little) but I immediately knew who he was. We messaged back and forth, Keith refused to back down, and well… you guys know what happened from there.

-3(Not the best shot of Keith but it makes my heart happy, regardless.)

That whole story was really only to provide more context for the main point of this post. Friday, I was on my way to work when Keith sent me the screen shot of his photo from two years ago. (Thanks Timehop. Not using Timehop? Fix that.) And on my ride to work it all just hit me really hard.

Life. Is. So. Weird.

But not the bad kind of weird. The awesome kind of weird.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a planner. Like, a pretty crazy planner. Want to know how crazy? I cried every birthday from 5-16, not during my birthday party, but in the hours before because I got so stressed about everything being perfect. Want to know how crazy? I really, really related to Marnie on this episode of Girls. But meeting Keith and the last year and a half of our lives makes me question all of that. Had you asked me the night I first met him what our future interactions would have been like, I would have told you none. I didn’t think I’d ever see him again. But here he is, the love of my life and I can’t imagine my days without him.

This is applicable to so many other things in life, too. We often get caught up in what we have planned for our lives: what job we’re going to have, where we’re going to live, when we’re going to get married, how we’re going to live our lives, when we’re going to have kids, what our house is going to look like, etc. etc. etc. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dreaming and looking ahead and wanting to create certain realities in your life. But we have to realize that sometimes life is not going to go according to plan. Sometimes, you study journalism in college and end up a Tour Manager at a non-profit working to support the North Korean people. Sometimes, you think you’re going to live with your best friends for years but then you end up living 3,000 miles away from all of them. And sometimes, you meet a funny fella you never think you’re going to see again and end up wanting to spend the rest of your life with him.

I think what I’m learning is that it’s okay to ditch your plans sometimes because that’s when life really happens. I think for a lot of people this is where faith comes in, but I don’t necessarily believe in God or in any sort of higher power. So for me I always describe this as the universe having my back, though I’m not even really sure what I mean by that. But what I do know is that even this crazy, control-freak is starting to realize that sometimes you have to let go and let life happen. Because Keith and I meeting only happened because so many other little things fell into place and I could never have planned all of those events and if I had tried to it would never have ended up as great as it did. So hey, universe, thanks for having my back!

What have you guys given up planning? Has it worked out in your favor?

Currently: 3/12/14

For the last three weeks I’ve written in my blog at least once a week. This has been a huge problem for me in the past so I’m really proud of myself for doing it. What changed? I’ve joined Dani of Sometimes Sweet with her Journal Day posts. This week, for some reason, the prompt isn’t speaking to me, though. I have a feeling I will write about the prompt one day in the future, because it’s actually a very me topic but for some reason when I sat down today, it just wasn’t happening.

So instead of forcing it or just bailing on blogging altogether, I decided to borrow another idea from Dani and do a “Currently” post. Hope you enjoy


(sometimes we have to find our own rainbows.)

Reading: Do you ever get in that weird rut where you aren’t reading anything because there are too many books you want to read and you don’t know where to start? I’m debating between The Interestings, This is Where I Leave You, Tell the Wolves I’m Home, and (guilty pleasure) Divergent. Have you guys read anything good lately? Or have you read any of the ones on my list? I need someone to tell me which book to dive into or I’ll probably be in this weird place for another month.

Watching: Doctor Who! Keith has begged me to get into Doctor Who forever, so when the last season started I watched with him and kind of fell in love. I know, so not my style. Guys, I didn’t think I’d like it but I do! So lately whenever Keith and I have a night at home together (which is RARE) we try and watch some Doctor Who. Beyond that I’ve been keeping up with some of my favorite comedies. Parks and Rec, Modern Family, New Girl, and How I Met Your Mother. Speaking of HIMYM – can you believe it’s almost over?! The last episode airs March 31st. I recently read a theory about the mom that I kind of hate but the last episode made it seem like that was what would happen. Ugh, I don’t want to say any more because I hate spoilers and don’t want to be a part of the problem but I really hope that’s not what happens. Oh, also watching Greys Anatomy. Judge if you want – I love it. Don’t worry, I don’t make anyone else watch it. It’s my solo-show always.

Eating: I’ve been all over the place with eating lately. I think I got so sick of my routine, I’ve been trying to find some new go-to’s. The most recent success has been frozen multi-grain waffles for breakfast with almond butter, sliced bananas, and a little bit of blackberry jam. But instead of spreading the jam, I’ve been melting it and pouring it on top. Not only is it tastier, but it is so much prettier! And sometimes you need a pretty breakfast to get your day started on the right foot. I also recently fell in love with Lentil Snaps. I’ve only tried the onion thyme flavor (which is amazing!) but I think I need to go back and get all the varieties. As I get older, I’m starting to worry about fiber so it’s nice to have a yummy snack, that totally satiates a chip craving, and also provides much needed fiber. Beyond that, I’ve been loving chocolate. Like, I mean, of course. Who doesn’t love chocolate? But even more than usual. Dark chocolate specifically!


Excited For: The next three weekends! Wanna know what I’m doing? No? Too bad. I’m telling you. This weekend my friend Susie and I are heading down to San Diego for a couple reasons. The first is that my friend Chelsea, who lives in Oregon, is in town for her 25th birthday! There’s no way we can be in the same state and I not see her, so we’re going to head down and meet her at some bars Saturday night. Do you guys have friends you’ve gotten closer to after they moved away? That’s how I feel about Chelsea. The other reason is that my friend Colby lives down there and always wants to show me around San Diego, so we’re going to stay at her place and hang out on Sunday! Something about leaving your city with a friend is always exciting! The next weekend comes just a couple days after my birthday, so we will be celebrating! Usually I plan a big birthday party, but this year life got in the way and I’m excited to be laid back about it. Luckily my favorite DJ (he plays Destiny’s Child – what could be better?) is spinning at the bar across the street, so me and some friends are going to drink at home then walk across the street to drink and dance even more. I’m sure drunk tacos will also be involved. Living in Long Beach is great because we can walk everywhere and never worry about having a DD. And then the third weekend I’m excited about is probably the best… Keith and I are going to Seattle! We’ve never traveled together on a plane, I’ve never been to Seattle, and I’ve never met his dad’s side of the family. So it’s a ton of firsts. Seriously so so so excited about this trip. We are really thankful his dad bought us tickets! Also hoping I can sneak in a couple short visits with friends who live up there. Any recommendations of what to see/do/eat? Ooooof, that’s a lot of excitement.

Stressed About: Work and money. As always. And probably as many of you. Sadly, one of our staffers had to leave work to go home because of a family emergency. Of course, we totally understand that and are going to miss him like crazy! It also means we have to shuffle around some responsibilities, and take on more than normal. But it’s okay – we always make it work. I swear, if working at LiNK has taught me one thing, it’s that you just have to go with the flow because most stuff is out of your control. Money is actually kind of okay, I just would always like to be saving more or spending smarter. The first few months of 2014 have brought big expenses – 4 new tires, registering my car, flight to FL, paying taxes. But thankfully it looks like after April 1st, I’ll be caught up and ready to start a saving plan.

Loving: The people I’m surrounded by. Living over 3,000 miles from home has never been easy. I love my family and we’ve always been super close, and I also have a group of really amazing friends, so when I moved to CA I didn’t ever think I could find people who I would love as much. While of course, my CA family in no way replaces people back home, it’s been really amazing to feel so loved and supported by my friends out here. Monday was the 8 year anniversary of my mom passing away, and so many people really went out of their way to make sure the day was just a little easier. From FB messages, to texts, to surprises left on my desk, or rainbow treats waiting at my apartment – I really felt the love. There are not enough words to explain how thankful I am for the love that was shown to me on such a hard day. But it wasn’t just Monday, in general lately I have felt so loved by so many people. Gah. I could gush about this forever but I’ll leave you with this – I don’t know what I did to get so lucky, but the universe has really sent me some of the best people. Period.

What are you up to currently?