October ’14

A fellow-Chelsea featured this on her blog and as someone who loves lists and goal-setting, I obviously fell in love. I really do believe that just putting something down on (digital) paper helps increase the chances of you actually doing… And this month I actually wrote it down on real paper and hung it in my closet so I can see it every day and refocus myself if I find myself going through the motions of my day without remembering what I want this month to be! I also love the idea of following the progression of these every month. So here is what I hope my October looks like:


Eating more home cooked meals and veggies.
Drinking WATERWATERWATER and only one soda a week. Diet Dr. Pepper is my favorite!
Practicing finding time to go to the gym.
Mastering applying what I learn in therapy to real life.
Learning how to budget while still having fun and paying off credit cards.
Listening to “Love On Top” and old John Mayer.
Playing more often without letting anxiety get in the way.
Reading Lena Dunham and Mindy Kaling’s books. (I’m giving up on “The Interestings” for right now.)
Watching Gilmore Girls 4ever. No, seriously, I started the series for the first time maybe 2 months ago but I was using illegal streaming websites (oops) and then all of a sudden, halfway through season 2, I couldn’t find good links anymore… Just a week or so later Netflix announced it was adding it to their collection. So I have a theory that Netflix destroyed all the links I was using. But anyway – I don’t care – because now I can finally binge it. And it feels like the fall is the best time to watch Gilmore Girls anyway! It’s weird that I never watched the show when it was first on, I think I would have adored it as a teenager. Though even as a grown up – I still love it. Do you?
Walking as often as possible.
Wearing scarves, boots, and CONFIDENCE.
Cooking seasonal, healthy, hearty meals
Working on writing more and not feeling I need a “reason” to blog.
Wanting to SHOP so thrifting instead as to not undermine my budgeting.
Helping the nomads and RM’s have a kick ass tour.
Worrying about money and the safety of people I love, duh. Getting better though.

I’m seriously so so so happy it’s October and I’m 100% ignoring the fact that the Santa Ana winds have brought unbearably hot weather my way. Now excuse me while I shamelessly sip my pumpkin spice iced coffee!