September ’14

A fellow-Chelsea featured this on her blog and as someone who loves lists and goal-setting, I obviously fell in love. I really do believe that just putting something down on (digital) paper helps increase the chances of you actually doing it (especially this month, because it’s gonna be crazy and I need to make sure I’m taking care of myself). Plus I love the idea of following the progression of these every month. So here is what I hope my September looks like:

(please excuse this terrible #ootd pic but i’m excited about my first maxi skirt!) 

Eating more home cooked meals and more cheddar cheese. I’ve become kind of obsessed.
Drinking as much coffee as I want. I tried to cut it last month and failed, so now I’m focused on making sure I balance it with water!
Practicing not going out to eat during the week. Lunch is the hardest!
Mastering taking care of myself and communicating what I need to others.
Learning how to find gym time and how to motivate myself to go when I’m just so tired.
Listening to tons of 90’s R&B/hip-hop and the whole John Mayer discography. I forgot how much I love some of his old stuff.
Playing in the pool as often as possible! It’s my happy place and I want to soak it up before summer’s totally gone.
Reading well, I failed last month and I’m still reading “The Interestings.” Oops.
Watching Big Brother, without shame! And more movies alone. I LOVE IT.
Walking whenever I can. Not moving my car on the weekends is just so great.
Wearing maxi skirts! I had no idea I could pull them off, but now that I know, I feel like I need to make up for lost time.
Cooking simple, fast, yummy meals.
Working still a ton. Nomads launch Sept 25 and somehow even though this is the 6th tour I’ve managed, it’s still crazy.
Wanting the holiday’s to come and to find a cheap flight home! Homesickness in full swing.
Helping the nomads prepare for their life on the road.
Worrying about my dad going to Europe! So excited for him, but 2 weeks will be the longest we’ve ever gone without talking on the phone!!!

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