August ’14

A fellow-Chelsea featured this on her blog today and as someone who loves lists and goal-setting, I obviously fell in love. I really do believe that just putting something down on (digital) paper helps increase the chances of you actually doing it. Plus I love the idea of following the progression of these every month. So here is what I hope my August looks like:


Eating more veggies, more homemade meals, more fresh baked bread.
Drinking as little coffee as possible, but breaking the habit is rough!
Practicing writing in my blog on a regular basis.
Mastering making breakfast and lunch for the next day every night before bed.
Learning how to navigate personal stuff while still succeeding at work.
Listening “The Voyager” by Jenny Lewis, and the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. Oh – and the new remix of “Flawless.”
Playing hopefully just playing more in general. But especially in Palm Springs and at our apartment-warming party!
Reading “The Interestings” and “#GirlBoss” before the month is over! I’m determined to read more.
Watching a couple of Keith’s favorite movies and Big Brother (duh).
Walking all around my new neighborhood, falling more and more in love with it.
Wearing my new glasses! That aren’t scratched! And that are just the best! Can you tell I’m SO excited?
Cooking brussel sprouts, bread, and more meat-free meals.
Working a toooon. Nomads arrive on the 13th and things get crazy but in the best way possible.
Wanting a change in season, time to pause for a month, to finally figure out what I want to do with my hair.
Helping people I love figure out how to tackle so cruddy situations they’re currently dealing with.

What about you guys? Do this on your own blogs or comment below and tell me what you’re focusing on this August!

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