I seriously love birthdays and this year’s goes down as one of the best I’ve ever had.

First off – the most exciting thing that happened this birthday is that I officially raised the $2500 it costs to rescue a North Korean refugee. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, since ya know, I work at LiNK but had never actually raised enough money to fund a rescue on my own. There are literally not enough words to describe how thankful I am to each and every person who helped make this happen. It’s easy to feel alone in your passions sometimes so it was extra cool to see people from all aspects of my life come together to help me reach my goal. And the best part? I reached $2500 bout a week before my birthday! Talk about starting off on the right foot…

The first of many celebrations was on Monday when my interns planned a birthday dinner for me. Being a boss is tough sometimes, and can be really awkward but I have to say I am lucky to have some of the most amazing interns this semester. I mean seriously – whose interns plan a birthday dinner for them on the beach?! It was so special that they made time for it. It was a great dinner with a beautiful view and awesome people.


So, my real birthday was Wednesday. I had to work but when you work with amazing people who leave chai on your desk, it’s really not that bad. That night I planned a birthday dinner with some of my favorite ladies who live in Long Beach. We went to La Creperie, which none of us had ever been to and Oh. My. God. The food was amazing. I shared a seafood crepe and a carbonara crepe — both of which I loved! We also shared 3 dessert crepes. Birthdays are for excess right? It was so nice to spend an evening filled with delicious food and even better company. I love having both guy and girl friends, but there seriously is something to said for a night spent with just ladies.


Keith had to work that night so I didn’t see him til pretty late but he made up for it by baking me a cake and singing to me before midnight! I know birthday cake seems like a weird thing to get caught up on but they have always been really important to me and my family. My mom would always joke that she got cancer because she didn’t have cake on her 40th birthday… I guess that’s not a funny joke, but it became a requirement in our home. Anyone we love has to have cake on their birthday, and it doesn’t count unless there are candles and singing involved! Birthdays weren’t a huge deal in Keith’s family so it meant even more that he did this for me!


Friday I got to have another birthday celebration night. It started with a quick shopping trip! My best friend Brianna heard I didn’t have a birthday outfit and decided that would not do so she transferred money into my account and demanded I go shop for myself! It worked out well because then I came home, slipped into a new dress, and went out with Keith to celebrate! We got the biggest burritos and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I didn’t love the movie. I definitely like Wes Anderson and it was of course a beautiful film, but I just didn’t care about the characters. Also Keith gave me a charm bracelet! I know, charm bracelets are kind of gaudy and a little bit dorky but I’ve been wanting one for years so I was over the moon happy. Usually it’s pretty tough to surprise me, but I didn’t see this coming for a minute. Seriously – how did I get so lucky?!

Saturday was my official birthday party and it was a great way to wrap up an amazing week! I had some friends over for drinking and games before we all walked across the street to a bar called The Pike. DJ Oldboy was spinning, as he does every 4th Saturday, and I was so ready to dance. A few shots of Fireball and a couple whiskey sours later, and I was so ready to dance. It was a really fun night. I mean – how can you go wrong with good music, good friends, good booze, and a good new outfit! Add in some weirdo creeps providing endless entertainment and that makes a perfect night! No seriously, we encountered some of the weirdest weirdos (they always seem to find me) but if I wrote the stories out here I don’t think it would even make sense! Just know I was full of sass and red lipstick – so nothing stood in my way.


1979537_10201639277119410_536057431_n(When it comes to dancing, confidence > skill.)

2014 was off to a pretty rough start so I decided this year my birthday could kind of serve as another “new year” and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. Even though I obviously miss my friends and family in Florida, this birthday was the first time California really felt like home. I was surrounded by love and people who really know how to celebrate me. Does that make sense? I didn’t feel like I had to pressure people to come to my party or worry that my birthday would go forgotten. 24, you’re already awesome! Here’s to the next 361 days!

PS: I officially got “old people” gifts this birthday and I LOVED IT. I mean, is 24 the year you’re officially old? Because I got stoneware and a massage and ya know what? I couldn’t be happier about it.


2 thoughts on “Twenty-four.

  1. Chelsea, I’m so glad you have an awesome birthday week! You deserve it. Thanks for having me over on Saturday! It was so much fun to go out! 24 was such a great year for me, so I hope it’s great for you, too!! XO

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