25 before 25

Lists & birthdays are two of my all time favorite things. No, seriously. If you’ve ever been in my office or flipped through one of my journals or looked at the Notes on my phone, you would know I have a serious list addiction. Oh and birthdays? Well, if you don’t know I love birthdays, well, then, you don’t really know me at all. So when I saw my cousin Mary Kate combining the two, I knew I had to join! And what better year? 25 is such a good number (I’ve always preferred odd numbers). So here is a list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. I sort of feel like I’m cheating because I’m not even 24 yet but my birthday is in 19 days, so whatever. I’m excited about this now and I don’t want to wait any longer to get started. Some of the things on this list are going to be much easier than others. I think I’ll be able to knock out the one time tasks well before I take on the long-term habits but I think each and every one will make me a better person. Want to know which one I’m most scared of? #20… Keith actually came up with that one because he knew it would be a real challenge. For some reason the idea of NOT planning a trip to Vegas gives me serious anxiety. That means I have to do it, though. Do you guys have anything you want to do before your next birthday? If you want to join me in anything I’m doing (or be my pen pal), just let me know! I’ll obviously blog about each of these along the way. Please hold me accountable, imaginary people reading this. Sometimes blogging really does feel like talking to myself. Anyway, without further adeiu…

25 before 25

  1. Host a dinner party.
  2. Volunteer somewhere not related to North Korea.
  3. Have a pen pal.
  4. Watch 5 of Keith’s favorite movies I’ve never seen before (and stay awake through them all).
  5. Read 12 books.
  6. Go on a real hike.
  7. Travel out of the state, somewhere other than FL.
  8. Have 5 go-to dinner recipes that are healthy and yummy (bonus if I can make them without looking at the recipe.)
  9. Go wine tasting.
  10. Teach Hopkins 3 tricks.
  11. Dance more!
  12. Get a massage.
  13. Go to 5 museums.
  14. Take the Angel’s Flight.
  15. Start a recurring series on my blog reviewing breakfast places in Long Beach.
  16. Find a way to drink more water and eat more veggies without even having to think about it.
  17. Go to a drag show.
  18. Create a consistent bedtime routine.
  19. Write letters to 12 people who make my life better.
  20. One spontaneous trip to Vegas.
  21. Submit writing to XOJane.
  22. Learn to make a signature cocktail.
  23. See 5 live musical or theater performances (comedy doesn’t count).
  24. See snow.
  25. Make homemade jam.

3 thoughts on “25 before 25

  1. I love this list! It’s so good!!

    #17 – Drag Show
    I’ve never been to this, but have you gone to Rocky Horror Picture Show in Long Beach? I think it’s every Saturday night. I feel like that could kind of count? Haha.

    Good luck with the list! I can’t wait to read your updates along the way 🙂

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