Day 7: Skyline

Image8-year-old Summer: Red ant pants, playing in the pool until your eyes sting and your fingers look like prunes, family weekend trips to Naples, coconut popsicles from the ice cream man, sleep overs any night of the week, hours at City Furniture for the air conditioning and free cookies, day camps, new friends, sun burns, cousin hang outs, water parks, running in the sprinkles, new swim suits.

16-year-old Summer: Staying up til the sun came out, kisses at the park, drinking, drinking, drinking, TV marathons, week-long best friend sleepovers, falling in love, early morning beach trips, snoballs, Publix subs, family hangs, midnight movies, sneaky parties, concerts, mosquito bites, pool volleyball, pedicures.

23-year-old Summer: Catching up on work you can’t do during the busy season, beach days, finding new restaurants, cooking, Otter pops, endless cuddling, late mornings spent in bed, the OC fair, staff retreats, family visits, shameless reading, baking, discovering hidden gems, tanning days at the lagoon, confidence building, sun sets, long drives down PCH, love line.

I’m a fall girl. There’s nothing quite like the crispness of the air, the confidence I feel when I can layer and show off my boots, pumpkin spiced treats, and just overall the excitement leading up to the holidays. Autumn makes me feel like a little kid. But this summer I realized summer does the same thing. Spending morning to night in the sun, coming home exhausted in only the way a summer day can make you feel, the smells of sunscreen and ocean water, weekends that last forever, the sense of adventure that exists even when you have to work every day. For the first time in a long time I think I took advantage of the summer and though I’m counting down the days til I can bust out my leather jacket, I definitely have a few more beach days in me.


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