Day 1: Breakfast

pppphotoooo 1

Today is day 1, so I’m tempted to write about my plans for this month and how I hope this will get me back in the swing of blogging. But I wont. Also, I wont apologize for not blogging regularly. I don’t know why I always feel the need to apologize. Few people read this. I’m not getting any money or sponsorship for this. Hopefully one day I might for now, this is just for me and writing makes me happy. Moving on…

This morning instead of my normal oatmeal with a dollop of peanut butter for breakfast, I went to get coffee with my intern at a nearby coffee shop. My drink was on the left (iced mixed nut latte – don’t tell me how much half and half is in it because I don’t care, it’s on the the tastiest things to ever touch my lips) but my intern grabbed a latte and was surprised with a teddy bear in his cup.

There are some days when I can’t believe there is beauty left in the world. Days when I lay in bed and ask Keith to remind me why we aren’t sad all the time… Especially lately. But then you see something as simple as teddy bear latte art and you smile. Not because the bear was that cute, but because the woman behind the counter made the choice to brighten our day. She’s working a menial coffee shop job, probably being paid much less than she needs to survive in her daily life, dealing with grumpy customers on a daily basis, and leaves work every day smelling like old coffee. But today, she made the choice to add a few extra minutes to make our days better.

Sure, maybe her boss told her to do it. But the truth is she could have just as easily put the top on his to-go cup and gone along with her day. Instead, she took a few minutes to draw a bear and not only did it make my day better, but it made anyone who saw the picture I posted smile too (unless you have a serious bear phobia from some bear related trauma in your past, in which case, sorry boo.)


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