Summer Goals

So, as you can see, I’ve failed at getting my blog up and running. And while I’d like to say I have dozens of valid reasons for that… I don’t. So here is a list of summer (June and July) goals. Help hold me accountable, world.

  • More focused alone time (uhhh…not sitting on  the couch watching TV)
  • Spend more time outside
  • Move more (cardio barre, swim, run, bike)
  • Enjoy the beach and feel confident in my swimsuit
  • Read two books for work, and two books for pleasure
  • Cook new recipes and find a couple new “go-to” healthy ones
  • Explore more of Long Beach
  • See a movie outside
  • Write in Keith’s journal once a week
  • Skype with family and friends more often
  • Volunteer
  • Create a healthy, consistent bedtime routine
  • Finish (or at least get close to finish) decorating my apartment
  • Drunk karaoke
  • Decorate office
  • See live music
  • Go on solo-adventures
  • Take a mini-vacation with Keith
  • Have a BBQ for friends
  • Mail people letters and gifts and stuff that makes me think of them
  • Start this blog (like really really start it)
  • Write in my journal three times a week
  • Submit writing to XOJane
  • Watch all of Doctor Who
  • Eat better food
  • Brewery or winery tour

Here’s to the freakin’ summer, ya’ll. Pretty stoked it’s here.


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